Jaimen Hudson | From Sky to Sea Documentary
From Sky to Sea… the story of Jaimen Hudson Ooty, overcoming adversity and returning to the ocean for the first time in 13 years to dive with incredible mega fauna.
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“Jaimen Hudson: From Sky to Sea” is a documentary based on my life story. It touches on my incredible childhood and the days our family spent out on the water while my parents taught people how to dive. These are the memories that shaped me into the ocean lover I am today. The dreams I had for my life working on the ocean took a tragic turn at age 17 when a dirt bike accident rendered me a quadriplegic. Unable to scratch an itch on my face for several weeks I was so uncertain about where my life would end up…

I have been so incredibly lucky to lead a fulfilled life since that fateful day, one I could never have dreamt possible.

“From Sky to Sea” by Leighton & Jodie De Barros tells the full story better than I could ever have hoped for. Their experience in nature documentaries is evident as the scenery throughout this 90 minute feature is exquisite, a true postcard to the Western Australia coastline.

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